William Ellis Hemming

Head Chef

Born in Pembrokeshire, in South West Wales, William Hemming has been cooking since the age of six, when he made his first spaghetti Bolognese. Inspired by watching his mother and grandmother, a passion for food and drink was instilled in him from this very young age.

He began his career in the kitchen after applying for a job at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales. After a successful stint working here, and keen to learn as much as quickly as possible, he spent some time in Berlin where he worked first at the Ritz Carlton, and then at a host of other establishments including as Head Pastry Chef for Kofler and Kompanie.

More recently, William worked as a freelance chef in the UK as well as Germany, Austria and Switzerland at different restaurants and agencies, including King’s Place Events where he was Head Chef.

His last role before coming to Simpson’s was at Sky Garden in London, as Executive Sous Chef.

At Simpson’s, William brings his years of expertise and love of local produce to the menu. Having grown up in rural Wales, he developed a real passion and respect for the provenance of the produce. He is excited to work alongside British farmers and producers to maintain the level of quality that Simpson’s is known for, and to put his own stamp on the menu.

Anne Lomas

General Manager

"Being part of this restaurant is an historic opportunity… we are all custodians of the history of Simpson’s in the Strand, and architects of its future, and I’m incredibly proud of that."

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